My work for "COMMON LUNGUAGE".

Self portrait

My self portrait was sold  by exhibision"生活"(mean "life") at Cale, December 2018.
That exhibision was quait hard for me, 
because I worked as a busy full-time job worker and I went to shooting to far at weekend.
It meand, I should had to face to current my status and  life time, more and more. 
When a day close to end of work production,
I shooted self portrait few times. 
I hardly shoot own usually. 
And framed that I most favorite.
It was very surprised that the portrait was sold first time at the exhibition, because I expected that the one is hardly to sell.
But I wonder it was the one most reflect my life.  
Photography is interesting, There reflect  the fact, if we intented or not.

6th February, 2020

             28th October, 2019

Den Haag
22th October, 2019

This morning, I met my old friend in my dream.
I asked to her "What are you doing now?" then she said with smile,
"I work as part-time-job. And, nothing change."
Actually, I don't know what she doing now.
Because we had not been met for about ten years.
But she was beautiful, as old-time.

3rd November,  2019

”no title”/2015

My art work for "i-D Japan"  2016

         Summer / 2019


Only sold 5 on "Tokyo Art Book Fair 2019"  12-15th July 

6th May, 2019

「生活」 江崎 愛 写真展    

12/8 sat - 12/23 sun, 2018 / 12-8 PM 


江崎 愛 写真展  "humor"

17 Sat-25 Sun, March, 2018   12-20PM
中目黒 みどり荘

" NICE SAD DAYS " solo exhibition / 2011

I shoot  David Shurigry for "Bijutsu Techou".  / 2018