「Portraits in November」

サイズ: 21 x 28.3 cm




「Portraits in November」

List price: 3800 yen (tax included)
Page 46
Size: 21 x 28.3 cm
Number of copies: 200
With bookmark

The author, who is based in Tokyo and is engaged in photography activities for portrait photography, which is his life work,
Looking back from more than 10 years ago when I started taking pictures to the present,
He is reconstructing his interest in photography.
When you read the attached "bookmark" code, you can see from the "trigger for choosing three people" taken this time.
"The reason why I realized that it is interesting to express in photographs"
A 30-minute interview voice talking about "the relationship between the subject and myself" is on the iphone etc.
You can listen. I am trying a new expression of looking at a photo while listening to the voice.
"Maybe this was what I wanted to do with photography."
The latest work of the whole body that became an opportunity to be noticed.
The cover has a graffiti-like design for the November 2021 calendar.
Each book is silk-screened and has a different print texture.
A print of the artist's own portrait is attached to the colophon.
After viewing the photobook, the author and the viewer will face each other.

Portraits in November

When I take a picture of a person, I first look around myself and
Intuitively decide who you want to meet.
"choose" a person to shoot.
People with strange and popping expressions in 2012,
People who laugh with a slightly dangerous look in 2014,
In 2016, people who feel a strong will in a quiet expression
I'm shooting a portrait.
When I choose, I don't know why I want to shoot those people.
But when I went to see him, had a conversation, and developed the photos I took,
There are some similarities between them.
I feel like I was at that time.
This is like myself, taken in November.

Ai Ezaki (from the text)

2022年 2/24〜3/12
東京・西荻窪駅にあるHAITSUにて個展「Portraits in November」を行いました。